Webinar: What's Naturally Trending at NPEW in 2023?

What new products at this year's Natural Product Expo West are meeting the latest consumer aspirations?

Recorded:  March 23, 2023

Panelists: Dave Lundahl, CEO, from InsightsNow; Kathy Stephenson, Director of Marketing, from CuliNex

Moderator:  Carrie Janot, VP of Marketing, from InsightsNow

Most consumers aspire to purchase and use sustainable products.  The grand showcase for these options is the annual Natural Products Expo West in early March.

Our team will be scouting the expo floor in 2023 once again for indicators of trends in the natural products area.  Products showcased there are bellweathers of where the mainstream will soon follow. Last year, we shared our very popular Naturally Trending™ report where we highlighted the expansion of plant-based dairy, meat and seafood analogs, as well as a variety of innovative beverage options.

Join our March webinar to learn this year's exciting developments. It could be new positioning, a twist on a familiar product, upcycling waste products to something delicious and desirable, new use of ingredients, better tasting analogues, or a total surprise.


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