Panel Discussion: Sustainability Values - Winning Back Consumer Trust

Trust is key to improving and easing relationships.  It suffers from perceived broken promises.  

In the food industry there are the friction points around sustainability related promises.  What are some solutions?

Date:   February 16, 2023, 2pm ET (11am PT)

Panelists: Dave Lundahl, CEO, from InsightsNow; Mickie French, Executive Director for Center for Food Integrity, and Noel Anderson, Immediate Past President, Institute of Food Science

Moderator:  Carrie Janot, VP of Marketing, from InsightsNow

Trust is an important barrier in food industry where just 43% of shoppers state they trust the US food system. Trust is at the root of greenhushing, a reticence among many marketers to make sustainability claims for fear of being called out for green washing. 

Join this panel discussion as we consider the underlying causes of trust and how the food industry can win back consumer trust. 

Let's understand trends and solutions! 

  • Examine the consumer insights that show evidence of mistrust in food systems.
  • Learn what messaging is resonating with shoppers and building trust.
  • Discover key sources that consumers trust for food information.
  • Look at the specific issues consumers are examining like: health, safety, claims, ethical sourcing and sustainability.
  • Explore communication strategies to win back consumer trust in companies and products.

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