Webinar: Top 5 Insights of 2022

Trends to Carry Forward into the New Year

Recorded on Thursday, December 15, 2022

Panelists:  Dave Lundahl, CEO and Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer
Moderator:  Carrie Janot, V.P. Marketing, InsightsNow Inc.

In this panel discussion, we looked at topics of 2022 that hit a strong chord with our webinar participants, clients and colleagues.  

Why do they matter? and What does this mean for your brand?

These topics may show you new opportunities to grow:

  • The A’s B’s and C’s of innovation targeting using the Aspirational Compass
  • Emotions Research Methods and Interpretation
  • Naturally Trending products at the Natural Products Expo
  • Insights on Self-Deprivation Behaviors
  • DEI Topics: Improving how race/ethnicity demographic questions are asked

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