[September 22] Aspirations Vs. Reality: How the Gap Sparks Innovation

Recorded:   September 22, 2022

Panelists:  Dave Lundahl, CEO and Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer

Aspirations vs. Reality:
How the Gap Sparks Innovation

Consumers are increasingly demanding products that support their personal values, but research has shown that this demand doesn't always turn into purchasing reality. 

So how do brands foresee and address the gap between these aspirational motivations and actual purchase habits? 

InsightsNow invited clients to participate in a survey to understand changing motivations driving primary shoppers' food and beverage purchases. We looked particularly at behavior drivers related to healthwellness, and sustainability concerns. 

In this webinar, you will learn from our findings: 

  • Gaps identified between aspirational and actual motivations in select product categories
  • How to better define your product’s target consumer
  • How to target the gaps and find opportunities for innovations or messaging

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