[April 28] Webinar: Supply Chain Challenges

    How to Navigate Supply Chain Disruptions—Essential Strategies to Meeting Consumer Expectations

    Date:   Thursday, Aptil 28,  2pm ET, 11am PT

    Presenters: Greg Stucky, CRO, InsightsNow & Lucinda Salinas, Senior Director of Business Development, CuliNex 

    During supply chain challenges, your focus for qualifying alternate ingredients or materials is on providing the same or better product experience and avoiding alienating current users who detect a change. You need to quickly and accurately predict and verify how your customers will respond to changes.

    In this webinar we will cover ingredient sourcing and reformulation options as well as the product design and consumer research strategies to implement to ensure you understand how the market will react to the redesigned product.
    • Ingredient replacement through other suppliers
    • Reformulation with new or alternative ingredients
    • Sensory Testing
    • Consumer Alienation & Behavior Trade-offs
    • Product Re-messaging/Communication

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