[February 17] Webinar: Three Ways to Boost Consumer Choice

    Make It Relevant,
    Make It Emotional,
    Make It Rewarding!

    Dates:  Thursday, February 17,  2pm ET (11am PT)

    Moderator: Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer, InsightsNow 

    Choice is, by definition, the purest form of an emotional response.  Consumers make choices every day. At the root of every choice are “eliciting conditions” that disrupt to gain our attention and nudge us to act. Join us for this webinar, where we will lay out how choice exercises are key to raising the bar in insights creation for marketing and innovation initiatives. 

    This webinar will focus on three key principles of this research.

    1. Making choice exercises more relevant by setting the right context through priming that places participants in relevant moments.
    2. Creating the right eliciting conditions for the expression of relevant emotions.
    3. Making choice exercises more rewarding through an expanded definition of Jobs-To-Be-Done aligning with the four quadrants of the Emotions Insight Wheel™.

    Join us to learn more!


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