[November 21] Webinar: Harnessing Blueberries to Maximize the "Implicit" Appeal of Food Products

    Date:  Thursday, November. 18  2pm ET (11am PT)

    Presenters: Kayte Hamilton and Julia Thompson (CNX)

    Are you curious on how some food trends tend to center around similar ingredients? Or who comes up with the next ‘it’ ingredient? For ingredient companies, understanding the market's perception on core benefits and associations is incredibly important to the overall formula development. In this session, we will learn how CuliNex, one of our core strategic partners and a food product development consultancy, used our Innovation Center’s Ingredient Benefit Database to help the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council in determining the best way to present Blueberries to drive value and demand for blueberry innovations. 

     The Ingredient Benefit Database identifies which benefits consumers naturally associate with various ingredients to create intuitive connections to brands or products. The database is open to browsing with a free Innovation Center account, and reports are available to purchase through credits.  

     This month the Council will be posting a new publication they've authored, Drive Value & Demand with Modern Blueberry Innovations. Their report includes a review of our behavioral scores for blueberries with specific health benefit associations compared to other fruits. 

     Please join us for a peek into the ingredient innovation category to uncover the magic of Blueberries! 


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