[Aug 19] Designing Research for DEI: Practical Questions and Applications

    Date:  Thursday, Aug. 19  2pm ET (11am PT)

    Moderator: Greg Stucky, CRO, InsightsNow

    Panelists include:   Lilah Raynor, CEO, Logica Research; Shannon Danzy, RALLY; Melissa Geathers, InnovateMR   

    Designing solutions

    Join us for a panel discussion on how to design your research to go beyond demographics, to handle unconscious bias, and to use new tools to achieve inclusive results. We will dig into an overview of the challenges we are facing in implementing and elevating diversity, equity and inclusion into our research—and what needs to change to create more inclusive research design for better data to inform business decisions that are considerate of all populations. 

    Attendees will hear thoughts on questions like: 

    • What are practical ways to mitigate unconscious bias in both the researcher and the research design; 
    • What are the benefits to companies who make the effort to design more inclusive research; and 
    • What capabilities should companies be looking at developing to meet the deep need for more representative research? We look forward to this conversation with you! 

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