Date:  Thursday, May 20  

    Presenter: Dave Lundahl, CEO, InsightsNow

    After a year of fear and restricted activities, a growing percentage of people are becoming vaccinated against COVID-19. There is a tremendous emotional and psychological shift which occurs once vaccinated which is changing peoples behaviors. As expected we are going to see a boost in social activities, and travel. As we progress toward “herd immunity”, many questions persist about people’s attitudes and habits developed over the past year.  Which will change and what will remain?

    Our recent research explored a wide range of perspectives, including the perceptions and behaviors from those who are not  intending to get vaccinated, and why they feel that is the best choice.

    In this webinar, we’ll look at not only at what consumers are ready to do now, what is still on the horizon, and how knowledge of the behavior shift should be leveraged by those working on consumer brands and product innovation.  


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