[April 22] Webinar On-Demand: Finding Your Focus: Questions You Must Ask At The Beginning of Innovation

    REcorded:  Thursday, April 22, 2021

    Presenters:  Greg Stucky, CRO and Ann Bracken, Sr. Director, Business Development

    In today’s world we must find creative, collaborative, and innovative products and services to create a cleaner, healthier, and happier world. Successful innovation always starts with a passion for people, an area of focus, and a set of key business questions you should be asking yourself.  These questions will either guide you to success or unknowingly handcuff you. When designing consumer products and services it is critical to ground yourself in behavioral insights, in moments of use and the behaviors and routines in which people use products. Asking the right questions keeps your focus on people and their behaviors.

    Join us as we discuss key questions which you need to answer as you work on finding your innovation focus. We will discuss how these questions change the research approach you take and the type of insights you try to uncover.


    INI Find Your Focus

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