[August 25] Webinar: Challenges and Solutions to Activating Attribute Insights for Food Product Design

A Panel Discussion representing insights, ingredients and brands

Recorded:   Thursday, August 25, 2022 


  • Tia Rains,
  • Roxi Beck, Consumer Engagement Director, The Center for Food Integrity 
  • Carl Fritscher, VP Advisory, Mintel

Moderator: Dave Lundahl, CEO, InsightsNow

Food product designers, developers and marketers face challenges satisfying consumers with so much change in attitudes and perceptions about new ingredients, emerging product benefits and the association between ingredients and benefits to substantiate claims.

Key contributors to this dynamics are: 

  • Consumer misinformation is a key contributor to this dynamics which the food industry is trying to mitigate.
  • Globalization as consumers get exposed to new hero ingredients and their functional benefits.
  • Ingredient sourcing as a sustainability concern

We'll discuss consumers shifting perceptions of "clean label" products and offer solutions to meeting these needs. 


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