The Implicit/Explicit Test eBook

    The Implicit / Explicit Test™:
    Applying Neuromarketing to Enable Better Product Marketing, Development and Innovation

    Neuromarketing provides a significant expansion to the researcher’s toolbox—enabling deeper insights to help developers, marketers and innovators make more informed decisions. Based in the science of human behavior, this applied field offers a new lens for insights professionals to frame business decisions into questions about the whys of human behavior. 

    This 20-page eBook is packed with information to help understand the basics of the tools, their limitations, when to use them, and clarify common points of confusion and misconceptions.  In addition, the paper includes a deep dive into a methodology we call the Implicit / Explicit Test™. This test addresses many of the shortcomings and complexities associated neuromarketing tools. Here we will not only define this methodology, we will also provide examples for its varied applications across the spectrum of cost-effective insights needs.

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