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InsightsNow Behavioral App Store

Subscribe to this innovative suite of applications for agility in the design, development and marketing of products.  

By accessing unique Behavioral Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Behavioral Reports and custom research opportunities, you can accelerate learning through this cost effective online service.

Providing the needed knowledge to improve your focus on consumers seeking cleaner living, this app store is a highly efficient, collaborative and economical improvement to your innovation research process.

What you will find in the store...Picture1

Behavior Knowledge Center:

Stay current on consumer behavior to learn how and where you can nudge and disrupt consumers. 

Behavior KPI Center:
Quickly look up behavioral scores for ingredients, supplements, claims, benefits, and brands to make quick product development and positioning decisions.

Behavior Testing Center: 

Conduct proprietary research with category advisors quickly and efficiently to improve new product innovation processes and measure influence and consumer impact.